Order Cancellation

You’ll have the option to cancel your order directly from your confirmation email within 1 hour. Scroll down to find the “Changed Your Mind?” section. If it’s
been longer than 60 minutes, 

email contact@tv4all.info

and we’ll help find an alternative solution.

If you’ve canceled your order on-site and want to receive your order, the best way to do so is by placing a new order at checkout. Email:


if you have any questions we’re here to help.

If you’ve canceled your order using the link in your order confirmation email, you’ll receive another email once the order has successfully been canceled. If
you haven’t received a cancellation confirmation email, let us know at

email contact@tv4all.info

(and include your original #order number) and we’ll 


If you’ve placed an order containing a gift card, please 

email contact@tv4all.info

as soon as possible (including your # order number and cancel/change request) and we can help.



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